SPD40100F SPD Controller for Submersible & Centrifugal Pump

  • Model: SPD40100F
  • Manufactured by: Goulds

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Aquavar SPD with Filter SPD40100F Output full load amps: 3 Phase Input-18.5 CentriPro "Aquavar SPD" variable speed, constant pressure pump controller is designed for the professional pump installer. With application specific features and CentriPro designed software, the SPD was developed specifically for use with submersible and centrifugal pumps. This variable speed controller goes beyond a "standard" drive, giving the pump professional a rugged design that is built for demanding conditions. TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Irrigation - Irrigation applications use both submersible and surface pumps. Choose an SPD for control standard 4" and 6" submersible motors as well as turbine pumps and surface centrifugal pumps up to 30 HP. Rural Water Pressure Boosting Agriculture Retrofit - Existing constant speed control systems Phase Conversion - 1 phase to 3 phase power Two Versions for Submersible and Above Ground Installations SPD ____F (example: SPD20050F) Models have filters to reduce electrical noise created by drives with long wire runs, typical of submersible installations. KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS Energy Saving - The SPD is a true variable frequency controller which adjusts motor speed to match the hydraulic needs of the system to maintain pressure. Unlike valve controlled systems, the energy draw is substantially reduced during lower flow while keeping the pump close to its best efficiency. Up to 70% energy savings over fixed speed pumps are common. Easy Set-up - Install wiring, set DIP switches and go! Total set up time including wiring is less than 30 minutes. NEMA 3R - Outdoor rated enclosure with operating temperatures from -22 F to 122 F Dual Phase Input - UL listed for both three phase and single phase input (derated available). Filter - Includes output filter rated to 1000 feet of motor lead, standard on models with "F" suffix for submersible installations. True Motor Match - The SPD is designed for the higher amp requirements typical of submersible pumps on start-up. A 10 HP SPD will run a 10 HP submersible pump! Transducer - As with all CentriPro drives, the pressure transducer is included. Full Diagnostics - Electrical protection and diagnostics, plus a full range of pump protection features such as bound pump or motor shut down, low water or loss of prime shut down. Lockout/Tagout - Cover can be locked to prevent unauthorized entry. Remote on/off - Permits external control by timers (irrigation), float or pressure switches (tank draining) or manual control. Dry contact closure required. Hand/Auto Option - Allows the drive to be run at full speed without a pressure transducer for longer periods of time as in the case of new well development or system start up. Turning the control back to auto resumes the automatic pressure tracking and control. Remote Monitoring - External monitors may be connected to the drive for monitoring pump running speed(4-20 mA output based on speed), pump on, and system fault. The fault indicator can also be connected to devices like an auto-dialer. This enables control of pumps and drives in un-manned locations. The 4-20 mA output can be utilized for functions such as an external dosing system, or chlorine injection. Pressure Drop - The drive restart value can be adjusted from 5 PSI drop to 20 PSI. This allows for fewer starts and for small leaks that can be common in irrigation systems. Dual Set Point - Two pressure set points are available, controlled with an external switch, such as a timer. No Water Restart - Adjust the time delay after a "dry well" fault, from 10 minutes to 2 hours between each restart. Ideal for low yielding wells.

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