#91136771 Cue Controls Variable Frequency Drives

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  • Manufactured by: Grundfos

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Grundfos Part #91136771 Cue Controls Variable Frequency Drives , 3 x 380-500V, 21 CUE OUTPUT AMPS, 10 SUB MOTOR RATED HP, IP21 ENCLOSURE RATING, B3 ENCLOSURE SIZE. GRUNDFOS CUE Comprehensive range. Superior features. With over 100 different configuration possibilities, covering a power range from 0.55 kW to 250 kW, CUE represents one of the most comprehensive and versatile ranges of frequency converters for pump applications currently on the market. The CUE range is available with 5 different power supplies, 2 enclosure classes IP20/21 (Nema 1) / IP55 (Nema 12), and no less than 24 different output powers. So whatever you need, there is a suitable CUE solution for the job at hand. What’s more, CUE is packed with splendid features that provide maximum convenience and enhanced operational ease. Just take a look at the added value you get with CUE. Intuitive start-up guide The CUE start-up guide enables easy installation and commissioning, and plug-and-pump convenience. Only a few settings need to be specified by the installer on-site, the rest of the set-up is either done automatically or factory preset. (Read more on page 8). Smart user interface The unique and user-friendly operating panel consists of a graphical display with backlight and buttons for pump start/stop, navigation, and menu settings. You get the same “look and feel” with CUE as with our other E-solutions in that user interface and menu structure are identical to the familiar R100 operating panel used in connection with E-pumps. So in fact, operating a CUE solution is just like operating an E-pump. Automatic direction of rotation A CUE solution offers automatic detection and setting of correct direction of rotation. During the start-up, CUE will automatically check the direction of rotation and ensure that the pump is running in the right direction. If the direction of rotation is wrong, CUE will change the direction electronically, thus making manual interchange of motor wires unnecessary. Constant – whatever you want When we say constant, we mean constant! CUE has a built-in PI controller that provides closed-loop control of whatever value you want to control: Constant pressure with or without stop function With stop function: The head is kept constant at high flow. On/off operation at low flow. Without stop function: The pressure is kept constant irrespective of the flow. Constant differential pressure The differential pressure is kept constant irrespective of the flow. Proportional pressure The head is reduced at low flow and increased at high flow. Constant level with or without stop function With stop function: The fluid level is kept constant at high flow. On/off operation at low flow. Without stop function: The fluid level is kept constant irrespective of the flow. Constant temperature The fluid temperature is kept constant irrespective of the flow.Proportional pressure The proportional pressure function ensures that the differential pressure in a circulating application, e.g. a heating or an air-conditioning system, is sufficient at low-flow as well as at high-flow demands. The differential pressure is automatically raised with increased flow. Stop function In most water supply applications the required flow can be very low, sometimes even equal to zero. In those situations on/off operation of the pump according to demand is more economical. CUE offers a stop function for constant pressure or constant level applications. The stop function furthermore prevents the pump from running against closed valve with the risk of heating up the water in the pump, and thus growth of unhealthy bacteria or damage of the shaft seal. Dry-running protection CUE offers protection against dry running, as one of the inputs can be dedicated to a dry-running detector. Duty/standby By interconnecting two CUE converters via the standard built-in GENIbus interface, a duty/standby function of the two pumps can be obtained. Motor bearings supervision CUE has a motor bearings monitoring function that displays an automatic warning when it is time for relubrication or replacement of bearings. This function can be further optimised by the addition of bearings temperature measurement (requires an IO module), which provides a warning or discontinues pump operations automatically in case of overheating. smart user interface CUE offers quick and easy set-up and commissioning compared to a standard frequency converter, because it only requires very few settings at start-up. Simply key in application-specific variables such as motor data, pump family, control function (e.g. constant pressure), sensor type, and setpoint, and CUE will automatically set all necessary parameters; i.e. ramp times, min. speed, controller constants, available functions, and so on. After completing the start-up guide, CUE’s menu structure is equivalent to the R100 menu structure used in connection with Grundfos E-pumps. THE COMPREHENS IVE CUE RANGE When opting for a CUE solution you get the choice of the following versions of CUE; all available in two enclosure classes IP20/21 (Nema1) or IP55 (Nema12): 1-phase, 1x200-240 V, 50/60 Hz (1.1-7.5 kW), C1 3-phase, 3x200-240 V, 50/60 Hz (0.75 - 45 kW), C1 3-phase, 3x380-500 V, 50/60 Hz (0.55 - 250 kW),C1 up to 90 kW, C2 above 90 kW · 3-phase, 3x525-600 V, 50/60 Hz (0.75– 7.5 kW), C3 3-phase, 3x525-690 V, 50/60 Hz (11 - 250 kW), C3 C1: units with built-in EMC filter for normal household applications. C2: units with built-in EMC filters for industrial applications. C3: units without EMC filter (only applicable in industrial applications). Four digital inputs One dedicated input for external start/stop. Remaining inputs can be set to: Min. (min. curve), Max. (max. curve), Ext. fault (external fault), Flow switch, Alarm reset, Dry running (from external sensor), Not active, Three analogue inputs, One 0-10 V input for external setpoint. One 0/4-20 mA input for sensor feedback. One dditional 0/4-20 mA input for sensor (requires an additional IO module). Two Pt100/1000 inputs To be used in connection with motor bearings temperature measurement, or alternative temperature measurement such as the media temperature (requires an additional IO module). One analogue output Can be set to indicate different parameters such as speed,Two digital relay outputs Can be set to report different operation modes such as running, warning, alarm, etc. RS 485 GENIbus interface CUE is equipped with a standard RS485 interface that can communicate with Grundfos control systems, and via a Grundfos gateway be connected to other bus systems such as LONWorks, Profibus, Modbus, etc. Add-on card Analogue IO module offering: Two inputs for Pt100/1000 temperature sensors (the card will Automatically detect if the sensor is a Pt100 or a Pt1000 sensor). One analogue 0/4-20 mA input for an additional sensor. Motor filters All CUE frequency converters deliver a non-sinusoidal voltage to the motor. In some cases it is required or desired to filter the output voltage to make it more sinusoidal,because: It reduces the dv/dt and the peak voltage delivered to the motor It reduces the acoustic noise generated in the motor windings It allows the use of long motor cables The following motor filters are available: dU/dt-filters Split on 16 different filters covering: Power range: 11 to 250 kW Voltage range: 3x380-500 V and 3x525-690 V Insulation class: I P20 Ambient temperature: Max. 45°C Sine wave filters Split on 23 different filters covering: Power range: 0.55 to 250 kW Voltage range: 1x200-240 V, 3x200-240 V, 3x380- 500V and 3x525-690 V Insulation class: I P20 Ambient temperature: Max. 45°C · · · Sensors The following sensors can be used in connection with CUE. All sensors are with 4-20 mA output signal. Pressure sensors - up to 25 bar Temperature sensors Differential pressure sensors Differential temperature sensors Flow meters Potentiometer box for external setpoint setting Gateways CUE is equipped with a standard RS485 GENIbus interface. Gateways to convert to other bus standards can be delivered as an accessory. The CIU family can convert to the most common fieldbuses in the world: CIU100 converts from GENIbus to LonWorks CIU150 converts from GENIbus to Profibus CIU200 converts from GENIbus to Modbus CIU250 is a GSM modem which can send SMS messages in case of alarms, etc. Other accessories Dry-running protection sensor LiqTec Control MPC – a multi-pump control system for control of parallel-connected CUE pump solutions. FOR PRICING ON "OPTIONAL" IP20 ENCLUSURE FILTER PART #97669799 AND SINE-WAVE FILTERS #96754977 PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY.

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