7T Subturbine Series BERKELEY 7T Series pumps for maximum abrasion resistance are proven performers for a wide range of applications from clean municipal wells to the harshest agricultural wells. Abrasion resistant features include: Investment Cast 304 Stainless Steel Impellers and Neoprene Rubber Bearings. KEY FEATURES  Heavy-Duty Discharge Adapter is Class 30 cast iron, threaded with large wrench flats sized for the pump's flow range  Factory Pre-set Upthrust Washers balance rotor loading in all operating conditions. 7T-175 and 7T-260 models offer upthrust screw with a stainless steel locknut for maximum upthrust protection  Heavy-Walled Class 30 Cast Iron Bowls incorporate precise hydraulic design for maximum efficiency and performance  Stainless Steel Impellers are designed, machined and balanced to optimize efficiency and performance  Unique Neoprene Bearing Design channels abrasives away from stainless steel bearing journal  416 Stainless Steel Pump Shaft is precision ground & polished for reduced running friction & increased service life  Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Suction Strainer is non-collapsible and corrosion-resistant  Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Suction Bracket assures perfect pump-to-motor alignment with NEMA standard motors  Low Profile, Full-Length Stainless Steel Cable Guard (not shown) protects motor leads WARRANTY 12 months from date of original installation, or 24 months from date of manufacture