Three-Phase Control Panels

Designed Specifically for the Water Systems Industry Franklin’s heavy duty three-phase panels are optimized for water and irrigation applications. The spacious layout makes installation and maintenance simple and easy, so there’s no need to spend time wrestling with wires, and adding components is easy. With a Franklin three-phase control panel, you can be sure that your system is set-up according to Franklin’s recommendations. Franklin Electric three-phase control panels are available from 3 to 200 hp, in ratings from 200 to 575 Volts. Standard features: •UL approved, heavy-duty NEMA 3R enclosure •Class R fusible disconnect •Service entrance rated •Lightning arrestor •Motor logic or Franklin SubMonitor protected •NEMA contractor •Door wind hinge •Pilot device and alarm terminal block •H-O-A switch •Manual push-to-start switch •Easy hook-up All Franklin three-phase panels are rated to connect to service entrances, and every panel comes equipped with the necessary component. Please refer and adhere to your local electric code. SubMonitor Option There is simply no better way to provide ultimate protection to three-phase pumping systems than by adding a Franklin Electric state-of-the-art SubMonitor. SubMonitor is designed to protect three-phase pumps by monitoring current, voltage and motor temperature using three integrated current transformers. A face mounted digital real-time display provides current and voltage readings for all three legs and allows the user to set up the SubMonitor quickly and easily. The detachable display unit can be mounted on the panel door as a factory option. Premium SubMonitor packages come with an extended warranty. Factory Modification Options Equip your three-phase panel to get the most from your investment. If you need added capability from your three-phase panel, consider Franklin’s optional factory modifications to enhance and add value to your system. Omega CN7500 Digital Reader for PT100 Sensor The Omega CN7500 digital reader displays the temperature from Franklin Electric’s PT100. The PT100 is a precision platinum wire resistor that is optional in Franklin’s 6” and 8” motors as a temperature input for process control equipment. The CN7500 digitally displays the temperature and can be set for certain temperature ranges. It trips the panel contractor in an over-temperature conditions and resets the contactor once the temperature returns to the desired level. Part #225552107 Control Circuit Transformers Control circuit transformers convert the supply voltage required to power a piece of equipment to a voltage that is needed for various control circuits (pilot lights, selector switches, push buttons, etc.). The line voltage supplying the equipment is converted to control voltage by the transformer, eliminating the need to bring in a second source of power. (Note: Fuses are not supplied) Pilot Lights Mounted on the enclosure door, the pilot light indicates when power is on/off or when a motor is in operation. It can easily be seen from the front of the panel. Choose your color to fit your application. Contacts When adding control devices, auxiliary contacts may be required. These contacts mount on the side of the contactor and include one normally-open and one normally-closed auxiliary contact. Part #225552110 Padlock Attachment for H-O-A Switch The padlock attachment allows the owner to lock the hand-off auto switch in the on or off position to prevent tampering with the pump panel. Part #225552105 Analog Style Elapsed Time Meter The elapsed time meter keeps track of the total running time of the motor in hours. It is ideal for applications which require routine maintenance. Part #225552171

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