8" Three-Phase Models

Standard Franklin’s 8-inch submersible motors are typically used in large demanding water wells requiring high flow rates or deeper installations. These motors are tough, built to last, and come in a variety of construction options: Standard – for most water wells Sand Fighter™ - for wells with high levels of abrasives Hi-Temp – for hot water and other harsh conditions Stainless Steel – for aggressive water These motors provide large amounts of water for irrigation, community water systems, and factories where large flows or pressures are required. We understand how important it is to produce reliable systems to avoid significant costs due to failure or downtime. Typical applications that rely on our motors include: •Agricultural •Municipal •Industrial •Mining •Booster •Reverse Osmosis •Oil & Gas Applications These motors are built for dependable operation in vertical 8” diameter or larger water wells. Features: •Full 3525 RPM 60 Hz design point for superior pump head and flow yield •Maximum temperature winding wire NEMA Class 200 •Double flange design for ease of handling and pump mounting •Splined shaft for maximum shaft and coupling contact •Resin encapsulated windings •Hermetically-sealed stator •Copper bar rotor provides consistent design performance •Carbon ceramic rotating face seal •Kingsbury-type water-lubricated thrust bearing •Pressure-equalizing diaphragm •Water-Bloc™ lead connection •3-lead and 6-lead (wye-delta) configurations •Pre-filled with temperature-resistant fill solution •Sand fighting slinger •Equipped with Subtrol heat sensor •Worldwide availability Special Options •Sand Fighter models with special Silicon Carbide based sealing system available for applications with sand or other abrasives. •316 SS Construction Models available. All 316 SS models include Sand Fighter sealing system. •SubMonitor Motor Protection – A field proven and contractor friendly premium motor protection system. It protects the motor against overload, underload, overheating, and rapid cycling. The use of SubMonitor can also extend the motor warranty.

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