MMS 316SS Submersible Motors

Grundfos MMS 316SS submersible motors � all stainless steel Sizes and horspowers from 40hp 6� up to 250hp 10� (3 ph) Grundfos MMS motor production is in the hands of experts with many years of experience in manufacturing motors. MMS 316SS motors feature: > Mechanical shaft seal > Silicon carbide/silicon carbide shaft seal standard > 6� and 10� have standardized NEMA head and shaft > Protection against upthrust > High efficiency > Rewindable motor > 316SS > Temperature protection with PT100 and MP204 > Michell style thrust bearing > PE+PA windings standard The material version: is an N-version made of AISI 316 stainless steel, for more aggressive liquids. Connections and shafts of the 6� and 10� motors are designed according to NEMA standards. The sturdy Michell style thrust bearing and SIC/SIC shaft seal handles more abrasive applications. The rewindable motor construction means low cost of repair in case of damage. To achieve maximum protection of the motor from heat, all motors can be fitted with the PT100 sensor. Combined with the Grundfos MP204 control unit, the PT100 provides optimum protection of the motor.